Investment Strategy

Lamoureux Properties is a commercial real estate development, investment and advisory company that specializes in retail, office and mixed-use development projects. The Company usually acquires and develops real estate through various combinations of debt and equity. The company contracts to acquire properties which may later be assigned to a new partnership or other entity. When these development opportunities arise, the company may choose to make potential investors aware that it seeks equity participation for a specific investment. At that time, those interested parties who are qualified and desire more information about a specific equity investment may request a detailed prospectus from the company.

Investment Overview
The Company targets quality acquisition opportunities which seek to provide an attractive alternative investment vehicle with significant up-side and high yield potential.

Development Strategy
The Company acquires land for both  Development or re-development.
  • Target market is Greater Nashville with emphasis on Williamson County, TN
  • Target Properties are well located in generally upscale communities
  • Target development investments may fall into any asset class, but mixed-use retail/office and Medical are preferred

Equity Partnerships

Lamoureux Properties usually forms and operate separate LLC’s to acquire and develop each property. These separate LLC’s are “property specific” partnerships which own the asset being developed or acquired.
No offering is being made at this time. This is not a solicitation of money or other consideration, and no funds or other consideration will be accepted if sent to the company. This "Investment Opportunities" section is included as general information only, and does not refer to any specific property or investment. No sales of equity, debt or other securities are being made hereby. No commitment to purchase offered by any potential investor will be accepted by the company until a detailed prospectus that includes complete information about the company and  associated risk factors involved in any specific future offering by the company.